IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides data availability using snapshot technology for rapid backup, recovery and data management. Designed to be used by virtual machines (VM) and application administrators, it also provides data clone functionality to support and automate DevOps workflows. Unlike other data availability solutions, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus also has data protection and monitoring based upon automated Service Level Agreements to provide backup status and support retention compliance.

The videos which follow comprise a seven-part series:  IBM Spectrum Protect Plus--Getting Started.  

The topics delineated are:  

Installation, Configuration, Backup, Integration, Restoring, Administration, and Reporting.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 Technical Overview  and Sizing Presentations

IBM Spectrum Protect 10.1.3

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus in the IBM Cloud

Spectrum Protect Plus competitive points:

•       Spectrum Protect Plus (SPP) is a simple architecture containing a self-contained virtual appliance which installs, configures and delivers value in less than 15 minutes - that is, it can be protecting production workloads, not awaiting third party commercial products to be built in order to allow SPP to operate at scale. SPP can be quickly and easily scale - using other virtual appliances or physical servers - all software used is freely available. It provides data capture and/or protection for applications on virtual servers and on physical systems.

 •       SPP is a modern data re-use and Copy Data Management system, which delivers data protection as one of its many features, legacy competitors concentrate on backup or availability, leaving data at rest, unused, on expensive spinning disk. This is like leaving gold in a goldmine

 •       SPP is built on restful APIs which also incorporates robust / secure RBAC or rolls based access controls allowing day-to-day self service operations for Devops, Application owners, Helpdesk and even end users. This frees up administrator time for other purposes, such as project work, rather than the day-to-day grind of restores, extra backups, etc.

 •       It is expected that the default go-to operations for SPP restore and re-use operations will be instant restore, mounted up from the SPP storage, then migrated over to the hypervisor, if required. Streaming restores will be the exception, not the default operation.

 •       SPP performs true progressive incremental protection, this is not the case with competitor packages which rely upon Full and Differential/Incremental/Synthetic operations, this makes the storage of data in SPP much more efficient than almost all competitors, requiring less infrastructure and therefore less expenditure.

 •       SPP is fully software defined - it has fast, efficient compression and deduplication as a part of the software solution

 •       SLA based protection makes the SPP system intuitive and quick to configure by stating the desired outcome, not mixing up multiple different schedules to achieve the desired outcome.

 •       SPP is truly a next generation data protection solution driving proactive protection and data reuse, vs reactive protection.  Think if it this way... traditional backup catalogs only catalog the data when the backup job runs.  Here it is easy to have things not be backed up.  If a System or VM or Application gets created and no one tells the backup team, then the data doesn’t get protected and this could be catastrophic.  New technologies like Spectrum Protect Plus – once installed the applications or VMs are registered with the product.  Once this is done, Spectrum Protect Plus knows about all the data in the environment and shows what is and isn’t protected and the backup admin can ask the question if that system needs to be protected or on proactively.  In addition as new systems or applications are added to the environment, they take on the copy SLAs as the overall system.  Now they may need to be changed but you will never be in a position where your data isn’t protection.

 •       SPP is part of the market leading Spectrum Storage Suite Software Defined Storage product range, allowing a single license fee to grant access to all the different products in the suite. This range of products is simply not available from anyone else in such a form.

 •       SPP has made a tremendous investment, leveraging design thinking into making the user experience simple.

  • SPP offers global file search across all VMware/HyperV VMs.

  • You don’t have to drill into specific VMs or disks to find the files you are looking for.

  • You can do a google like search for specific files across all backups and all VMs.

 •       A huge advantage of SPP is in the enhanced database/application workflows:

  • SPP supports SQL & Oracle applications across both physical and virtual workloads.

  • SPP offers granular selection of SQL DBs; supports a variety of advanced configs - standalone, failover clusters, AAGs, RAC, ASMs, LVM2 based implementations etc..

  • SPP can perform instant mounting of DBs rather than rely on restores.

  • SPP handles Transaction log backups and Point in time recoveries.

  • SPP can restore DBs with new names, new pfile templates etc.

  • SPP can better support automated Database refreshes and resets.