The Spectrum Protect Server is controls the storage used for Backup and Restore. It contains metadata about the information backed up, policy which determine how long the information is kept, and various information about the server storage devices.

This page groups together various information about the server, its database, and how it defines and controls storage.

Data Retention Sets, ServerMon, Object Agents - as of version 8.1.7

SSL TLS 1.2 for communications automatically setup in version 8.1.2

In Spectrum Protect 8.1.2,  SSL TLS 1.2 is automatically setup for use in communications between the Spectrum Protect servers, clients and Operations Center.



Secure Socket Layer or TLS 1.2 can be used to encrypt the communication between the Spectrum Protect Server, Client, Storage Agent, Operations Center, LDAP and other Servers.  This demo shows how to set it up between the Spectrum Protect Server and client.



The REST API for Spectrum Protect Operations Center and Client Management Services allows you to control the server in the cloud.

Starting the Server in maintenance Mode

This video demonstrates the new maintenance mode for IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly IBM Tivoli Storage Manager) V7.1.3 and later.  Maintenance mode can be used to simplify maintenance and reconfiguration tasks. It can also be used to verify that a system is working correctly after an upgrade or other major change. This video's author is Ingrida Cazers.

Spectrum Protect 7.1.7 added enhanced LDAP integration.  This video covers how to set it up.

Spectrum Protect Server Disaster Recovery Overview