Spectrum Protect Part of the IBM Spectrum Storage Family

IBM has recently started rebranding Tivoli Storage Manager to Spectrum Protect.  We've done this to help align the name of our data protection software with all the other storage software IBM is now offering within the IBM Spectrum Storage portfolio.

As you go through the videos on our site, you will see that we've started changing the text descriptions to match new nomenclature.  Although the older videos will still be available, Tricia and I will start phasing in the new IBM Spectrum Protect names as we add content to the site.

As you might expect with over 20 years of product videos, documentation, and innovation, the transition to the new name will take some time.  But our hope is that Spectrum Protect's close alignment with other storage products within IBM will lead to continuing data protection innovations.

In the meantime, please feel free to send Tricia and I suggestions for the types of videos you would like to see.