IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Preannounced - August 23, 2017

IBM has just introduced the next generation in data protection and availability for virtual environments,  and it is a game changer. IBM Spectrum Protect™ Plus is the newest addition to the IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined solutions, which delivers VM data availability for businesses of all sizes. It deploys in minutes as a virtual appliance. It can help non-backup specialists create and manage backup jobs using SLA-based configuration policies. It employs role-based management of the backup and recovery process so that anyone can use it, but administrators can limit people on the actions they can take. It can create and provide a familiar searchable catalog of protected VMs and files so that recovery works the way people expect. It is available as a stand-alone solution and can integrate with IBM Spectrum Protect to allow long-term offload of backup copies for data governance and compliance requirements. And it provides an API that can be used to automatically create copies for non-backup use cases such as analytics activities and DevOps.!/wiki/W53ef9a8aa710_4ab4_b88c_b95c3e62085a/page/Launch%20-%20Spectrum%20Protect%20Plus