IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.2 became available 8/11/2017

IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.2 became generally available on 8/11/2017.
It includes enhancements that:

  • Provide cloud container support for Azure
  • Automate the use of SSL TSL1.2 for communications between the Spectrum Protect servers, clients and Operations center
  • Automated client PTF pushes
  • Directory container pool encryption
  • NDMP backup support to container pools
  • Improved ACL support for IBM Spectrum Scale backups
  • Spectrum Scale 4.2.3 backup support
  • vVol persistent snaphosts
  • Vmware Web Client Enhancments
  • vSphere client data protection enhancements
  • Hyper-V data protection enhancements including Windows 2016 support and SQL server Change Data Capture support